Environmental Policy Center has worked toward building sustainable communities for over 30 years.



Our work includes...

Planning, managing, and implementing large-scale environmental and public information campaigns and events.

Researching and developing online tools and strategies for local governments and communities to better equip them in making policy decisions consistent with sustainable development.

Encouraging dialog and collaboration by leading diverse, multi-perspective forums and conferences of discussion and debate on sustainability issues.

Here are some of our accomplishments over the last thirty years...


Earth Day 1990

The 20th Anniversary of the world's largest environmental gathering

Flex Your Power

California's Energy Conservation and Efficiency Campaign

Flex Alert

California's Emergency Energy Conservation Campaign

The Global Cities Project

Sustainable Policies and Programs for Local Government

Smart Investing in California Communities

Bridging the gap between "two Californias"

Smart Growth Summit

Building the California Dream

The Presidio Conference

President's Council on Sustainable Development

California 2000 Civic Engagement Campaign

Building a Better California

California Urban Water Conservation Council

Best Management Practices and the CALFED Bay-Delta Program

CALSTART Electric Vehicle Awareness Campaign

Framing the conversation around electric vehicle infrastructure in California