California 2000 Civic Engagement Campaign

California 2000 Civic Engagement Campaign

California’s growing population was rapidly exhausting its natural resources and existing infrastructure. In the face of this growth, EPC teamed up with seven California nonprofits in a program to bring California citizens and leaders together to address the state’s fiscal, governance and land use challenges.

Pushing forward the conversation on how to build a better California

EPC along with partner nonprofits collaborated on strategies that included:

  • Sponsoring regional forums with Collaborative Regional Initiatives (CRIs), that helped educate and engage citizens, local governments and other stakeholders on key reform issues.

  • Providing trainings to under-represented groups of Californians to effectively engage them in the discussion of issues most affecting their communities.

  • Convening a state capacity-building retreat in Sacramento, which brought together a diverse community of people engaged in the quest to find common ground on sensible long-term reforms to the state’s environmental, fiscal and governmental policies.

  • Publishing a twice-weekly digest of policy news affecting California. The C2K NewsWire (later known as the California Policy Forum NewsWire) included reports, editorials, articles and book reviews on topics such as the state’s water supply, land use and energy use.

Building an interactive resource for policy advocates and environmental activists

The cornerstone of the California Policy Forum was its interactive, easy-to-use website, which connected users to a database of more than 5,000 of the best environmental programs and policies developed and implemented by local governments across the country. The website also provided easy access to information on federal and state laws, program strategies and targets, and much more.

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