Flex Alert

Flex Alert

California state officials recognized the need to implement a long-term statewide energy conservation network to make the grid more resilient to future unpredictability.

Making Demand Response a key component of the state's long-term energy conservation strategy

Building on the success of the Flex Your Power campaign, state officials and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) recognized the important role of the campaign’s Flex Alert energy conservation network in building a more adaptable and resilient power grid. McGuire & Co., Inc., the for-profit wing of Environmental Policy Center, was again hired to grow and maintain this network.

We worked with creative agencies to produce TV ads, radio spots, and other messaging to maintain public awareness about the need to conserve energy. A new, streamlined website was developed to educate the public and act as a gateway to sign up for energy conservation notifications. Through email campaigns, social media engagement, and targeted outreach to key business groups and industry associations, the Flex Alert network eventually reached over 200 organizations and 5,000 individuals throughout the state.

The Flex Alert Network continues to cut peak power demand today

This system is widely credited with cutting energy use by between 1,000 and 4,000 MWs and preventing blackouts. The campaign is now part of the state’s energy demand response system, and has helped the state cut back on the use of “peaker plants” which produce large amounts of greenhouse gases when they are fired up to meet electricity demand.

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