Smart Investing in California Communities

Smart Investing in California Communities

A high level summit brought together top political and financial minds to discuss how California could achieve sustainable growth in the 21st century.

In the year 2000, California’s population was projected to grow by more than 12 million over the next 20 years. This projected growth was expected to bring dramatic challenges to the State’s long-term economic health.

In order for California to sustain its success, it was imperative that public policy and state investment strategies support two goals:

  • More sustainable and environmentally sensible patterns of growth

  • Renewed investment in the communities which had been left behind during the economic boom

EPC convened a two day summit hosted by the state treasurer, which brought together nearly 800 policy-makers, bankers and finance industry executives managing trillions of dollars of investments to discuss and propose new strategies to build a sustainable future.

Many challenges were discussed, and solutions proposed, bringing into the common vernacular the “Triple Bottom Line” thinking that guides many investment decisions today.


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